CT002 - The Day Bigfoot Stepped Into Scene

May 15, 2018

Episode 2 - Bigfoot steps on the scene and into our hearts.

This is a fun episode as we figure out how a 1950's television western, a fish, and a trip to the zoo all helped to make Bigfoot the top tier celebrity that he is today. 

Below is a list of links for source information covered in this episode:








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CT001 - Welcome to Conspiracy Theoryology

May 6, 2018

Episode 001 - A quick welcome episode in which I explain the origin and structure of the show, and hopefully set the stage for a lot of great episodes and topics in the future.

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There's not a lot of content this week, but continue to check show notes in future episodes for links to research documents and informative podcasts, videos and books that I use in preparation for the shows.

Music for this episode is by Adam Henry Garcia