Conspiracy Theoryology

CT008 - The Day Ghosts Started Photobombing Our Selfies

July 31, 2018

Episode 8 - Ghost Photography

You've seen them on the internet. You may even have some within your own collection. Ghost photos. Also known as paranormal or spirit photography, the practice of capturing ghostly apparitions on camera is as old as the field of photography itself. Thought to be caused by the environmental affect by the apparition, either through radiation, ionization, or some impact to non-visible light spectrums, the camera captures images that are not seen by the naked eye. Well, it may be a ghost, or it might just be that you are hard wired to make sense of randomness of all that background noise in the photograph. In this episode we explore the history of spirit photography, and discuss the psychological phenomenon of pareidolia that might help explain at least some of those spooky ghost photos that we all love to stare at, looking for something otherworldly.

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